Centeno Kennels- an innovative dog boarding kennel offering cageless, stress free environment for your special companion. Your pet will enjoy our 600 sq. foot play pen with fresh water and plenty shade to laze in.

We also have daily activities on our 4.5 acre treed property, always supervised by certified animal health technician, providing boarders’ space to stretch their legs.

Located 45 minutes from the West Island- PQ, 1 1/2 from Ottawa, and 20 minutes from Cornwall-ON,  making Centeno Kennels the perfect centrally location for all your pets needs.

Centeno Kennels- always welcomes visitors to our  dog boarding and training facility but we do ask you book an appointment at adm@centenokennels.com or 514-862-7501, 613-662-3709 


Here at Centeno Kennels we feel all dogs should feel they are on vacation in your absence.

We also believe all dogs can learn at any stage of there life with lots of love and patience, and sometimes the occasional incentive doesn’t hurt . Dog training should be a fun team activity for you and your dog!

Our main goal is a happy and reliable pet who is a joy to live with for all involved.