Training/Boot Camp


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Our dog training program costs 1500$ for 4 weeks, with an additional rate of 250$ for each extra week. To ensure success, we encourage all family members who will be in contact with the dog to attend. During your weekly session, in your home, my facility or Zoom meeting, I’ll be guiding you through some basic commands which you can practice until the next week’s session. Consistency is key to achieving great results.

Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp program costs 2500$ for 4 weeks, 300$ for any additional week. Afterward, we’ll have a session together with your family to explain how to sustain the same communication skills your pet learned during their stay with us, and go through our dog training process.

If you’d love to book a service, please call  or e-mail us. A deposit of 50% is required before the classes start.

Just to mention, our services include basic and intermediate training using different approaches such as clicker, treat, and positive reinforcement training. For our advanced and protection training options, please inquire.

Other services

    • Got a specific problem like housebreaking, nipping, biting, or jumping? Our behavior consultations can help!
    • Do you have a new puppy? We offer all the puppy training necessities you need to get started.
    • We can also assist you with integrating a new puppy or dog into your home life.
    • If you’re a business owner with employees who may come into contact with strange dogs, we offer bite prevention courses for your employees.

Hanging out at Ribfest in Cornwall! Socialization and exposure can be an important part of training.