Dry Vs. Wet Food

Have you asked yourself which should you use?
Do you have all the facts?

Your pets ancestral back ground:

If we look back at the ancestral roots of dogs, their diet mainly consisted of protein and fat. You must keep in mind that your pet is a very distant cousin to their wild ancestors. Knowing this and the lifestyle pets live now, some degree of carbohydrates is necessary. Why you ask? Pets today don’t do most of what their wild distant relatives do such as hunting. You also have to know most documentaries show wolves and other wild dogs eating protein but we never see them eating fillers, but they do.

Do dogs need carbohydrates?

Canned dog food usually contain fewer carbohydrates whereas dry can contain anywhere between 24-75%. Carbohydrates such as rice, corn, flour, also known as fillers, are necessary to provide a balance diet and as a natural preservative, but they are not necessary in large quantities. This brings us to the recent trend of pet food companies claiming their products contain high or only protein and fat. To maintain a healthy coat, mind and health today’s animals need help, hence carbohydrates, also known as fillers.


Canned food come in air tight cans therefore contain fewer preservatives which kibble needs to maintain the shelf life. However